United Business Professionals

United Business Professionals

UBP was created between some experienced sales and marketing professionals. We realized that between this team we have decades of experience in business, leading demanding sales organizations and processes. Also, we are all actively involved in following market development and the changes in current work-life.

We want to help interesting organizations grow by using our considerable experience, expertise and wide network. We are especially interested in companies that have a genuine desire to develop and grow.
So, feel free to challenge us to become a part of your project, where we can work together to create a roadmap, calculate concrete, achievable results for your company and plan a realistic schedule of payback for the investment. Mara Huttunen and Timo Haavisto are the leaders of this mission.

"Mara Huttunen   has specialized in marketing auto supplies, lubricants and chemicals, and he has also worked as an entrepreneur focusing on event management and production of TV programs and advertising campaigns. His career also made a short yet successful detour into the logistics industry.
"Timo Haavisto   has worked as an importer of auto supplies, an entrepreneur and in successful co-operation with car importers. So, Timo is particularly knowledgeable about the development and opportunities available in the car industry and its aftermarket.
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