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Our mission is to help you and your organization with concrete measures. Together with our team and your organization, we will find solutions and create a road map to achieving results.

Developing your business may require you to reorganize your sales or look for completely new distribution channels. The package may include, for example, mapping out potential customers, creating a sales organization, training, marketing, etc.…

Outsourcing some operations will allow the company to focus on its core business and free up capital. Such operations may include marketing, financial management, sales, or logistics. It is beneficial and often necessary to include an impartial party in this process to help evaluate the current situation, make plans and implement changes in your organization and out on the field.


Share with us your challenges, problems and goals - together we will find the solutions.

We can operate basically all around the world depending on our partners.

We have strong experience and expertise on the Nordic countries; the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Simply put, our team has a lot of know-how and experience in all areas of business. We are ready to take for our part on the responsibility of selling and marketing your products or services and/or handling logistics in the market area you want to succeed in.



To establish a respectable sales office in capital city area of Finland might sound challenging and expensive. It’s not necessary so, one could outsource the services to us. The service could include all functions of a sales office or parts of it. We offer excellent frame to promote products. You can have negotiations in the same Showroom or arrange major sales or training events in the auditorium. There is also a sauna department with nice meeting room available. We can also take care of the product introductions to you customers, even when you don’t find the time for the meeting yourself.

We are located close to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Oulunkylä Railway Station is just a few hundred meters away. If your company have customers in Estonia, they get easily from Tallinn to downtown Helsinki by ferries. Customers from St Petersburg area find their way to us by only one train exchange.

It is clear, that we don’t take competing companies or products in the Showroom in the same time.

No need to travel

As your products are always presented on the way you want, you only need to come to us and the customers can talk with you face to face or you can take care of the negotiations remoted from your own office. This is how you save travel expenses and time. If necessary, we arrange a Finnish speaking translator available. With our concept you are present and active in the markets with very reasonable expense.


There are many things you can introduce on web sites or other means on internet but we know, that making the final buying decisions it is important to have the opportunity to touch and turn the products physically. Our Showroom idea serves this greatly. You can invite you customers to explore the products or services in place to you own sales office, the Showroom.

You should invest on the displaying, that is the shop window of your company.

You don’t necessary need to come to the place yourself, if you don’t have the time. We can agree, that you are connected through network and we introduce the products simultaneously to your customers. It is also possible you delegate the whole introduction or even sales to our team.

Just send the products and display materials to us, we make the set-up based on your instructions.


If you have any need for short term use of the Showroom, that can be managed easily. Pop-Up Showroom is available for example for the time of a sales season or only for one sales event.

Sales academy

If you want to have a sales meeting or training session, we have excellent options for those. You can have the session in the Showroom (meaning you own sales office), the auditorium of about 40 persons or in the sauna department. If you wish, we can manage the events as video conferences, when you don’t need to travel at all. Together we’ll find the best model for you.

Need new customers

Is your target to find new customers or just find some extra volume from you existing channels?

With us you can make even shorter agreements and the follow-up commitment we agree based on your needs.


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