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Decades of sales, marketing and entrepreneurship

Mara Huttunen
During his career, Mara has paid his dues and gained enough success to have reached a situation where he no longer has to prove himself to his friends or colleagues. Now, it feels like the right time to use this life experience and wisdom in a more effective way instead of continuing in the standard rat race..

The experience of managing a variety of organizations and marketing big brands, both in Finland and internationally, provides a foundation for helping companies succeed.

Mara's passion for working with people and doing business has only grown with experience. Looking at Mara's LinkedIn profile, you can see two decades of projects as a department/marketing manager, about 10 years in CEO positions in Finland and abroad, and over 5 years working as an entrepreneur producing events and TV shows.

“It feels great to work with like-minded and experienced colleagues. Now that we are working as a team, we will be able to make extensive use of everyone's experience.”

Timo Haavisto
Along his journey, Timo has experienced many tides and storms of the sales industry. A considerable amount of time has passed since young Timo was walking around, ticket in hand, his first fair in Turin, Italy. But, also a considerable amount of experience and expertise has been created since then and now the journey continues.

Timo has extensive experience in importing, wholesales, chain operations, after-sales and repair operations, both as an operations manager and as an entrepreneur. Timo has worked as a CEO, Sales Director and Sales Manager. And, among other things, has attended the JOKO management training programs at the Helsinki School of Economics. Timo has developed an excellent national and international network through long-term co-operation based on good, well-maintained relationships.

“Now, the journey continues with knowledgeable colleagues. I look forward to our future projects.”

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